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Portimão, Portugal / Live Video Production / Photo Credit: Alastair Brookes


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Photo Credit: Alastair Brookes

Services Provided

Taking our skills in multicam production abroad was a challenge, but one which allowed us to experiment with content creation opportunities that haven’t been seen yet in this industry.


We provided a multi camera set up, using 4 cinema cameras for the highest quality of production and utilising on site audio and video mixing. This allowed us to create content on the fly, with social media posts being ready within 10 minutes of performance ending.


Mixing live audio with ambient crowd reactions, created quality of audio that can only be seen in the biggest broadcasts in the world and creating an atmosphere and quality of video that created a real buzz on social media platforms.


The result was fully produced 30 hours of full performance videos, as well as over 1000 social media content snippets that will were used for on the day coverage on social media, as well as providing a bank of content for artists and organisers to expand their marketing reach even further following the event.


Photo Credit: Alastair Brookes

Photo Credit: Alastair Brookes

Project Overview

We were contacted by the event organisers, who were keen to produce the ever so popular multi-cam production for the 3 day festival in Portugal. With 5500 in attendance, over 60 artists over the 3 days, and fantastic production on the main stage, it was an opportunity to create incredible content of the highest possible quality to match the incredible backdrop of the event.


On site, we provided 4 cinema cameras, with 4 ambient microphone pick ups and 12 lines of audio directly into a central console that allowed us in real time to create social media content, as well as producing long form performance recaps.


Captuing over 12 Terabytes of footage allowed a huge bank of content to be created that was used by event organisers for numerous social media channels, as well as for performers to share further after the event wrapped up. This resulted in nearly a week of non stop content following the event, flooding social media platforms and allowing for incredible exposure. The result? Huge interest and massive sign up list only a week following the event, allong organisers to prepare for pre-sale of next years event ahead of time.

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