Let me make your next video 


Hi, Iā€™m alex rogers

I am a 20 year old videographer from England, and originally born in Poland. I have been creating visual content for years, and have managed to work with amazing people including Example, Deno and Jack Fowler, as well as film in venues such as Fiction, ATIK and Cameo.

I specialise in event videography such as concerts, festivals and nightlife, but have done a wide variety of content for people, brands and businesses including podcasts, weddings and corporate videos. Over all these, I have acquired the necessary skills to be able to shoot any type of content to suit any of your needs.

My style and good eye for unique and creative videography has been recognised numerous times, and I have worked alongside Licklist as their videographer and social media manager to create content for venues and brands, as well as creating branded content to be seen by thousands of their followers each day.

Over time, I have accumulated over 3,000,000 total views with only my nightlife videography, and get shared thousands of times all over social media.

Many people doubt the power of high quality videos until they get it and use it, and I am capable of creating this high quality content just for you.

So go ahead, get in touch if you have any questions or enquiries and I will be in touch very soon.

Hope to hear from you!

Alex Rogers


What content can I create for you?

  • Event aftermovies

  • Wedding video

  • Corporate video

  • Social media promotion

  • Promotional animation/motion graphics

  • Interview/Podcast video

  • You name it; I create it